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    Cold Aston Village Hall - CAPC meeting place

    This is a work in progress, so let us know if we are missing something that you would like to see included

    The Parish Council is responsible for the village allotments, making representations on planning applications, setting a precept, making decisions/expenditure on local matters where it is has the power to do so. (Powers relate to functions such as bus shelters, closed churchyards, community facilities, some highway matters, public rights of ways, litter, newsletters, open spaces, recreation, traffic calming and war memorials)

    It has only a few legal duties namely to comply with Freedom of information, equality, and data protection acts, publish certain documents such as agendas, minutes, annual accounts under the transparency code and consider the impact of their decisions on crime and disorder and have regard to the protection of biodiversity in carrying out their functions.

    The Parish Council is made up of 5 Councillors – We currently have a vacancy for one Councillor, which 10 or more of the electorate has stated that they wish for be filled by an election, the District Council is responsible for organising local elections.

    notice of election

    latest closing date 9th September 2022: Details are on the notice of election – please contact the District Council for further information

    Further information can be found here –The role of parish councillors or contact one our existing Parish Councillors

    Please the Clerk by email if there is something specific that you can not find on this website.

    We have an email database of local residents to which we send out copies of the agendas and details of any planning application that we receive from the District Council. Contact the Clerk if you wish to be added to the list.

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