The Parish Council currently meet at the Village Hall, Cold Aston on the 3rd Thursday of July, September, November, January, March and May (annual meeting). The meetings start at 6.45 and the public are very welcome to attend. There is a public session early in the meeting, where residents can speak to the Councillors on matters on the agenda or other matters relevant to the parish. The Council can not make decisions during the public session. If you would like the Council to discuss and make a decision, please contact the Clerk at least 7 days before the meeting and an agenda item will be included where-ever possible

Copies of agendas, draft minutes and minutes can be found below

2022 to 2023 (May to April)

date of meetingagendadraft minutesapproved minutes
21st July 2022 at 6.45pmagenda
July 4th 2022 at 2pmadditional planning meetingdraft minutes
May 9th 2022parish assembly
May 9th 2022 annual meeting

2021 to 2022

January 20th 2022 agenda
January 2022 draft minutes
March 2nd 2022 agenda
January 2022 approved minutes (docx; 38kb)

Cold Aston Parish Council Meetings 2021
November 2021 approved minutes (posted 3/2/22)
November 25th 2021 agenda
October 2021 approved minutes
October 8th 2021 agenda
September 30th, 2021 allotment holders meeting agenda
July 2021 approved minutes
July 22nd 2021 agenda
May 2021 approved minutes
May 21st 2021 annual meeting approved minutes
May 2019 annual parish assembly minutes
May 2021 approved minutes
May 5th, 2021 agenda
May 5th 2021 annual assembly agenda
April 2021 approved minutes
April 14th 2021 agenda
February 2021 approved minutes
February 3rd 2021 agenda
January 2021 approved minutes 
January 4th 2021 agenda

Cold Aston Parish Council Meetings 2020

December 18th 2020 minutes (draft)
December 18th 2020 agenda
December 2nd 2020 minutes (draft)
December 2nd 2020 agenda
September 2020 minutes (draft)
September 2020 agenda
July 2020 minutes
July 2020 agenda
March 2020 minutes (draft)
March 2020 agenda
January 2020 minutes
January 2020 agenda


November 2019 minutes
November 2019 agenda
September 2019 minutes
September 2019 agenda
July 2019 minutes
July 2019 agenda

For documents from dates preceeding those on this page, please contact the clerk.

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